The Application Process

The applicant should complete one of the online application forms. Unless you are applying for student membership, you will be asked for two referees to support your application (for students applications you will be asked to provide the name and contact details of your tutor or professor at your institution).  For those offering commercial GPR services, at least one of these must be a company or individual to whom you have provided GPR (or at least similar) services.  You should also contact your referees to obtain their agreement in advance as the most common cause of delays to the application process is due to none responding referees.  The association will also accept a GPR related paper in a peer reviewed journal or conference proceedings as an alternative to one of your referees.

Please ensure you complete all parts of the application form fully. Incomplete application forms may be rejected and will cause a delay to your application.   

Your application form will be sent to our Membership Accounts Administrator who will contact your referees.  If one of more of your referees does not respond within a reasonable time frame (approximately two weeks) you will be asked to provide an alternative.  You will only be given one chance to provide alternative referees so it is your responsibility to have them respond. If your referees do not respond satisfactorily within 8 weeks of your application being received, it will be rejected.

Upon receipt of a correctly completed application form and acceptable responses from two appropriate referees, the Association committee will review your membership application.  Upon approval you will be either sent an invoice for the amount due or instructions on how to set up the direct debit. Upon receipt of the due payment you will be granted ‘Provisional’ membership. At this point you will be issued a membership certificate and access credentials to the Association’s website; your details will also be added to the website.    In order to progress to ‘full’ membership you are required to provide a short introductory presentation within your first 12 months of membership. This may be at a scheduled meeting or webinar or alternatively you may submit a pre-recorded presentation in video format and respond to any questions the committee has in a timely manner.