Membership Term

Our membership year runs from a fixed date each year. We do not charge membership pro rata (this includes direct debit payments), if joining partway through the year and;

  • are paying via lump sum you will be required to pay for the remaining quarters (25% of annual cost per quarter) including the current quarter or,
  • are paying via direct debit you will be required to pay for the remaining months including the current month.*

You will then be required to renew your membership at the start of the new membership year.

* When choosing to pay via direct debit you are agreeing to membership until the end of the current membership year.  The length and number of payments set up on the direct debit agreement will reflect this term.  Upon renewal you will be sent a new direct debit mandate with 12 monthly payments listed.  If for any reason you miss or cancel your direct debit payment, your membership may be immediately suspended or cancelled which may affect your ability to reapply for membership in the future. 

Forfeiture of Membership

The association reserves the right to suspend, cancel or otherwise censure the membership of any member which; in the view of the Executive Committee, has breached the terms or conditions of membership. This includes non-payment of membership fees or other monies payable.