Code of Ethics

Membership of the European GPR Association, of any class, is open only to those who conform to the established principles of conduct.

The following Ethical Code is deemed to have been agreed by all Members from the time of application through to resignation.

  1. To conduct all professional work whether including the use of GPR or not, in a spirit of fidelity, honour and fairness to all clients, employers, employees and contractors alike.
  2. To treat either all knowledge of the business affairs or all information acquired through the course of any contractual arrangements with clients and employers as confidential unless specifically released from the obligation by that client or employer.
  3. To disclose to any client or employer any business connection, interest or affiliation which might influence impartial judgement or impair the disinterested quality of the service provided.
  4. To accept financial compensation for a particular service from one source only, unless it is accepted with the full knowledge and consent of all interested parties.
  5. To provide a service to any client or employer which avoids making insupportable claims for any method, technique or instrument, and to make clear when novel research is being carried out as opposed to accepted practice.
  6. To use the information that can be found by GPR techniques at all times in a manner to inform and assist clients and employers by the provision of provable and supportable factual data, together with, but clearly separated from, reasonable assumption and inference.
  7. To refrain from associating with, or knowingly allowing, the use of your name by any enterprise of questionable standard or quality.
  8. To advertise only in a manner consistent with the high ideals of the Association and to refrain from using improper, questionable or insupportable claims when soliciting for professional work.
  9. To avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious action.
  10. To co-operate with all other members of the Association by the interchange of general information and experience, and to forward the use of GPR techniques to the general public benefit.