EuroGPR code of practice for the use of GPR systems

The modern world relies upon a wide variety of radio systems for many diverse activities from systems upon which the safety of life depends, through communications and broadcasting to many other activities. The many diverse systems operate successfully together because the compatibility issue for each has been carefully considered in terms of the context of the radio spectrum. Systems usually operate successfully together, but on occasions because of exceptional situations interference may occur.

In this context GPR systems are no different from other radio systems. The radiation emitted from GPR systems has been carefully evaluated as part of the licensing process, and it is most unlikely that GPR systems will interfere with other radio systems. EuroGPR developed a Code of Practice to ensure that even these unlikely events are effectively managed and GPR users made aware of them and appropriate procedures adopted.

EuroGPR code of practice has been endorsed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) as ETSI EG 202 730