Glossary of common GPR terms

EuroGPR is pleased to make this expanded glossary of GPR terms available for general release on the EuroGPR Association website. It has been produced by a collaboration of a number of experts in the field of GPR. In particular we would like to thank the contributions from Giovanni Alli, Michael Arvantis, Stefan van der Baan, Andy Kathage, Neil Linford, Elmar Strobach, Adam Szynkiewicz and Vincent Utsi. There are a number of other contributors for whom we do not have details but equally wish to thank. Where terms have been suggested but no definition provided we have turned to Wikipedia, there is a note in the right column where this has occurred.

Please note that this is a live document and we encourage users of the glossary to give us feedback at on:

  1. the accuracy of the definitions and if necessary suggest alternatives
  2. offer definitions where none have be provided (cells marked in orange)
  3. offer new terms which need adding and where possible how they should be defined.