James A. Doolittle

1. Collins, M.E., J.A. Doolittle, and R.V. Rourke, 1989. Mapping depth to bedrock on a glaciated landscape with ground-penetrating radar. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 53(3): 1806-1812.

Paper #1 discusses a comparative study in which GPR is shown to be more reliable and effective than conventional soil surveying tools for determining the depth to bedrock in glaciated landscapes.


2. Butnor, J.R., J.A. Doolittle, L. Kress, S. Cohen, and K.H. Johnsen, 2001. Use of ground-penetrating radar to study tree roots in southeastern United States. Tree Physiology 21: 1269-1278

Paper #2 discusses the use of GPR to estimate tree root biomass over a broad range of soils in southeastern United States.


3. Doolittle J.A., B. Jenkinson, D. Hopkins, M. Ulmer, and W. Tuttle. 2006. Hydropedological investigations with ground-penetrating radar (GPR): Estimating water-table depths and local ground water flow pattern in areas of coarse-textured soils. Geoderma 131(3/4): 317-329.

Paper #3 discusses the use of GPR to chart water table depths in coarse textured soils.


4. Doolittle , J. A., F. E. Minzenmayer, S. W. Waltman, E. C. Benham, J. W. Tuttle, and S. Peaslee. 2007. Ground-Penetrating Radar Soil Suitability Map of the Conterminous United States. Geoderma 141/3-4: 416-421.

Paper #4 discusses the development of a map that can be used to assess the relative suitability of soils for GPR applications within large areas of the conterminous United States.


5. Doolittle, J. A. and F. E. Nelson. 2009. Characterizing relict cryogenic macrostructures in mid-latitude areas of the USA with 3D GPR. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 20: 1–12

Paper #5 discussed the use of three-dimensional GPR to image, interpret, and map near-surface cryogenic macrostructures in former periglacial environments.


6. Doolittle, J. A., and N. F. Bellantoni, 2009. The search for graves with ground-penetrating radar in Connecticut. Journal of Archaeological Science. 1-9.

Paper #6 discusses the use of GPR to detect unmarked graves.


7. Doolittle, J., R. Dobos, S. Peaslee, S. Waltman, E. Benham, and W. Tuttle. 2010. Revised ground-penetrating radar soil suitability maps. Environmental and Engineering and Geophysics Journal 15(3): 111-118.

Paper #7 discusses the development of improved GPR soil suitability maps at different scales of spatial resolution that are based on national soil survey data bases.