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IDS Georadar srl
Via Enrica Calabresi, 24
Loc. Montacchiello
56121 Pisa (PI)
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Mr Guido Manacorda
Mr Paolo Papeschi
IDS Georadar was formerly a Division of IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi SpA that provides research and innovation in the electromagnetic field for Civil and Defence markets.
By exploiting company know-how in Radar System analysis and design and Applied Electromagnetics, IDS Georadar has developed innovative Radar Systems for applications in remote, non-destructive fields of investigation such as:
• civil and structural engineering
• geology, geophysics and the environment
• archeology and cultural heritage
• public security and law enforcement

IDS Georadar was the first to introduce in GPR market the multi-frequency, multi-channel array systems, dramatically improving utilities detection performance and permitting the 3D reconstruction of the underground.
IDS Georadar is the worldwide leader in the GPR market thanks to products such as Opera Duo and RIS systems. IDS experience has brought to the brand new technology based on massive antennas arrays called STREAM for extensive utility mapping and archeological applications. STREAM family is composed by a range products for the mapping of extensive area, capable of improving the result reliability, accuracy and productivity.
Moreover, IDS Georadar is pioneering a revolutionary technology in the domain of geodetic measurements called IBIS , the first Ground-Based interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar for the sub-millimetric measurement of land and structural movements.

The IBIS Family is composed by:

IBIS-FS introduces a totally new solution in the field of static and dynamic monitoring.
IBIS-FL in an innovative geodetic instruments for landslides monitoring continuous day and night and in all weather conditions. It is capable of monitoring large portions of territory measuring in real time the local displacements of all the points across the scene with sub-millimeter accuracy.
IBIS-FM, an innovative solution able to continuously measure mine wall movements with sub-millimeter accuracy at distances up to 4km.