Chris Leech

Christopher Leech

Outreach Officer

After graduating in Engineering Geology & Applied Geophysics from Exeter University in 1978, Chris landed a job as geophysicist with a small Luton based supplier of geophysical instrumentation. One of his first jobs was to familiarise himself with the products of a small New England based company called GSSI, who were manufacturing instruments of a type that were new enough not to have been covered at all in his undergraduates course, Ground Penetrating Radar. Data were displayed on a line scan graphic recorder and as an option data could be recorded in analogue form on a reel to reel FM tape recorder which was fickle at the best of times, and the whole system was definitely not field portable, requiring a motor generator to power it and a vehicle to house it.

In 1983, Chris got transported to Australia for 2 years to run a small offshoot of his UK employer, based in Perth, Western Australia, specialising in GPR surveys for geotechnical and latterly agricultural purposes as well as instrument sales and rentals in the on-shore and offshore geotechnical and mineral exploration industries.

Unfortunately good times had to come to an end and Chris migrated back to the UK where he worked for a short period in the UK head office being involved again with GSSI, and negotiated significant sales of GPR to the UK security industry.

In the late 1980’s Chris joined Geometrics as a support geophysicist, being responsible for their sales and after sales support of their instruments across Europe, Middle East and Africa, before setting up his own company, Geometrics UK, responsible for product sales, training and support. In 2001 Geometrics UK acquired the business interests of Earth Science Systems (ESS), and Chris became re-united with GPR as ESS was the sales agents for a notable north American manufacturer of GPR instrumentation.

From 2004-2008 Chris served as chairman of EuroGPR and is a committee member of the Near Surface Geophysics Group of The Geological Society of London.

First appointed - 25th October 2013

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