EuroGPR officers list


Martin Penney


Martin is Acting Chair and a Technical Lead for Survey4BIM. He has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry with a focus on engineering and utilities survey. His expertise encompasses technical development, strategic growth and has experience of establishing new operations and office infrastructure as part of company growth.

As a Director of a geospatial survey company, Technics Group, Martin’s role and focus in the Survey4BIM team has been to increase awareness and engagement of the BIM process amongst clients and surveyors. He has been instrumental in championing the aim of:  ‘Geo Spatially Enabling the Digital Built Environment” within the industry.

Martin provides support to The Survey Association as BIM Liaison and is also a member of the recently established UK BIM Alliance Executive Team, providing commercial expertise and support to this industry leadership initiative. Appointed as Treasurer of EuroGPR in 2016, Martin plays a key role in the committee, which aims to ensure that the radar community is represented across Europe and to encourage industry collaboration and sustainable growth.

He has authored articles and papers for both CICES magazine and AGI Foresight Report 2020 that discuss the current evolution of Geomatics and the technical and industry issues that arise.

Martin balances his love of outdoors with a passion for the water as a keen rower, fuelled by his espresso habit.

First appointed - December 2015

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Adam Cook


Adam completed his degree in Geological Oceanography from the University of Wales, Bangor in 2000. Since graduating he has gained 9 years experience in geophysical surveys of the built. He has worked extensively in the UK and Ireland and has also been involved in projects in mainland Europe and Africa. He has particular interest in GPR surveys of pavements at traffic speed as well as integration of GPR systems with other pavement evaluation devices and data. Adam joined TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) in 2008 to expand and develop their Ground Penetrating Radar capabilities. Part of his role is to provide advice to the UK Highways Agency regarding ongoing monitoring and maintenance of GPR data quality.

Adam previously served as the Association’s Treasurer from 2008 to 2014.

First appointed - 21st November 2014

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Chris Leech

Christopher Leech


After graduating in Engineering Geology & Applied Geophysics from Exeter University in 1978, Chris landed a job as geophysicist with a small Luton based supplier of geophysical instrumentation. One of his first jobs was to familiarise himself with the products of a small New England based company called GSSI, who were manufacturing instruments of a type that were new enough not to have been covered at all in his undergraduates course, Ground Penetrating Radar. Data were displayed on a line scan graphic recorder and as an option data could be recorded in analogue form on a reel to reel FM tape recorder which was fickle at the best of times, and the whole system was definitely not field portable, requiring a motor generator to power it and a vehicle to house it.

In 1983, Chris got transported to Australia for 2 years to run a small offshoot of his UK employer, based in Perth, Western Australia, specialising in GPR surveys for geotechnical and latterly agricultural purposes as well as instrument sales and rentals in the on-shore and offshore geotechnical and mineral exploration industries.

Unfortunately good times had to come to an end and Chris migrated back to the UK where he worked for a short period in the UK head office being involved again with GSSI, and negotiated significant sales of GPR to the UK security industry.

In the late 1980’s Chris joined Geometrics as a support geophysicist, being responsible for their sales and after sales support of their instruments across Europe, Middle East and Africa, before setting up his own company, Geometrics UK, responsible for product sales, training and support. In 2001 Geometrics UK acquired the business interests of Earth Science Systems (ESS), and Chris became re-united with GPR as ESS was the sales agents for a notable north American manufacturer of GPR instrumentation.

From 2004-2008 Chris served as chairman of EuroGPR and is a committee member of the Near Surface Geophysics Group of The Geological Society of London.

First appointed - 25th October 2013

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Sam Roberts

Standards and TSA Liaison Officer

Sam graduated from Durham University in 1998 with a BSc in Archaeology, and worked in the north-east of England in a range of roles including academic research and field excavation, before developing a specialism in archaeological geophysics. In 2006 Sam moved to Leeds to take up a position as geophysicist with Met Consultancy Group, broadening his skillset to include environmental and engineering geophysical survey, and particularly the application of GPR to these areas. He now acts as Director for the Geophysics and Utility Mapping division.

His career path through research, cultural heritage and the survey industry has had at its core a love of geoscience and the contribution it can bring to understanding the landscape and our place in it, both in the present and the past. he is passionate about education and improving standards in his industry. He believes it is vital to disseminate knowledge and communicate a better understanding of the technology at our disposal, and how it can be used to provide more effective solutions to the challenges posed by our environment.


Sam previously served as the TSA Liaison Officer.

First appointed - 21st November 2014, re-elected October 2016

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Alan Jones

Alan Jones

Training Officer

Following a short career at sea after qualifying as a Radio Officer for the Merchant Navy in 1983; Alan spent several years in Electronics & computer retailing with a major UK/US company before returning to a more technical side of life on joining the fast growing industry of Utility Detection & Mapping with his appointment at Adien Ltd in 2001. Since Adien’s acquisition by PipeHawk Plc in 2003 Alan has worked in several countries across Europe & the Middle East and been involved with a number of UK & European Industry led initiatives including: Mapping The Underworld, Vista and WATERPIPE, as well as working alongside the UK Construction Industry College in the formation of the nationally recognised NVQ/SVQ qualification for the Management & Supervision of Spatial Data. His wealth of knowledge and experience in the planning, operation, & technical issues surrounding the use of Electromagnetic & Ground Probing Radar systems in the detection & location of buried utilities infrastructure is now being applied to the creation of new products and services for the Streetworks industry and the formation of a standardised training programme for GPR use in Europe, for EuroGPR.

First appointed - 6th November 2008

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Guido Manacorda

Guido Manacorda

Web Content Officer

Guido was born in 1965 and graduated with Master Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy. After a few months spent at the Engineering Faculty studying a spectral evaluation method for ultrasound biomedical systems, he joined IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.p.A. in January 1993. He contributed to the development of the first innovative array-based GPR’s as part of a project joint project between IDS and Telecom Italia: these prototypes were the basis for the growth of the IDS GPR product line which now features multi-channel and multi-frequency arrays. Since 1999 he has been the Chief Engineer of the IDS Georadar Division; he contributed to the development of the first GPR with a digital time-base circuitry and of the 3-D massive array radar equipment.

First appointed - 23rd December 2011

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Martin Roseveare

Martin Roseveare

Liaison with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (Standards & Training)

Martin specialised (MSc) in geophysical prospection for shallow applications at the University of Bradford in 1997 and has worked in commercial geophysics since then. He was elected a Fellow of the Geological Society of London in 2009 and is now working towards achieving CSci. He is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists and a member of the Near Surface division of the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers. He serves on the EuroGPR and CIfA GeoSIG committees and has served on the scientific committees of the 10th and 11th Archaeological Prospection conferences, has reviewed papers for the EAGE Near Surface conference, was a technical reviewer of the Irish NRA geophysical guidance and is also a founding member of the ISSGAP soils group. Martin is also a former tutor for archaeological geophysics at Birkbeck College, London. Professional interests include the application of geophysics to agriculture and the environment, e.g. groundwater and geohazards. He is also a software writer and equipment integrator with significant experience of embedded systems.

First appointed - 16th January 2014

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Raffaele Persico

Raffaele Persico


Raffaele Persico achieved his degree summa cum laude in Electronic Engineering from the University of Naples Federico II in 1996 and his Ph.D. from the Second University of Naples in 1999. He has been Research Scientist at the Consortium for Advanced Research on Remote Sensing Systems CO.RI.S.T.A. and then at the Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment IREA-CNR. In 2007, he joined the Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage IBAM-CNR. His main interests are noninvasive prospecting applied to cultural heritage, inversion approaches applied to GPR data and reconfigurable stepped frequency systems. He is Associated Editor of Near Surface Geophysics and he chaired the 13th International GPR Conference in 2010. He has been EuroGPR member since 2009 and his main responsibilities within the association are the on line library and the formation of the Italian Session.

First appointed - 25th October 2013

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